Monday, 11 September 2017


Morning followers of my lotto pages and blog. I commend all for the follow up till date.. As you all can see, Lotto is not a small game, it's now getting more tough and a hard nut to shell. The loss is now getting much and hard to recover.
We play six games a day and we stake all and still in a month we play so many games without anything to show for it, if we account our losses for a month, it's huge and if we win, it's not even enough to recover a piece of our loss.. How do we recover all our losses?
Lotto now is a joint and United team work, One tree cannot make a forest, we need to put head together that's Y I Created a program which has been running since last year till date. The program is based on one game per day, just GHANA GAME. GHANA games are the most prolific game played all over Africa and its a game which plays most keys and plans..
THAT Y I joint and team up with some forecasters putting head together, sharing ideas, keys and plans together so we can recover all our losses, we do get leak games and keys from Ghana as well to joint up with us too. if we joint up and put bks together Atleast in a week winnings will be recorded and since the program is running, some winnings are occurring and people are recovering. Let's base on one game a day and focus more and have a target ((GHANA GAMES ONLY)).. This offer is not free, cos it's a lot of beneficial program for us all. Winnings are recorded Atleast twice a week and it's very favorable..the games won't be posted online, it will be sent directly to ya phone daily only as SMS. If you wish to know more about it
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